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Clinical/Research Fellowship in Knee Surgery



1. OrthoSport Victoria, Epworth Hospital, Richmond

2. Musculoskeletal Research Centre, La Trobe University, Bundoora

3. Orthopaedic Department, Austin Health, Heidelberg


Supervising surgeon - Associate Professor Julian Feller


Orthopaedic surgeons - Mr Tim Whitehead, Mr Cameron Norsworthy


Research supervisor - Dr Kate Webster (La Trobe University)


Fellowship Description

The aim of the fellowship is to provide experience in the diagnosis, management and ongoing care, both surgical and non-surgical, of all disorders of the knee which may present to an orthopaedic surgeon with a subspecialty practice in knee surgery.


The fellow has extensive exposure to all areas of knee surgery, including arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, joint preservation osteotomy and arthroplasty, as well as some trauma including major ligament disruptions. Combined, the surgeons at OrthoSport Victoria perform over 500 anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, over 200 knee arthroplasties and approximately 50 osteotomies and 50 patellofemoral stabilizations per year. In total, the fellow attends four to five surgical sessions per week as the primary assistant. At the Austin Hospital, the fellow is the primary surgeon at one operating list per fortnight.


Clinical exposure is gained through attendance at private consulting sessions, as well as weekly outpatient sessions at the Austin Hospital. During the outpatient sessions, the fellow is responsible for primary patient assessment as well as the development and implementation of an appropriate management plan. If surgery is indicated, prior discussion with an orthopaedic consultant is required before placing the patient on the waiting list.


There is a strong focus on clinical and laboratory research. All surgeons at OrthoSport Victoria participate in regular clinical research activities and actively present and publish this work. The fellow has an opportunity to participate in research through the gait laboratory at the Musculoskeletal Research Centre at La Trobe University. The fellow is expected to devote at least three to four sessions per week to research activities, and to produce at least one paper suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal.


The fellow is constantly exposed to learning and teaching opportunities. At the Austin Hospital, the fellow has an active teaching role for residents and training registrars during outpatient clinics and surgical sessions. Regular clinical meetings and audits are held throughout the term, as well as an invitation to attend two knee journal club meetings. The fellow is funded by OrthoSport Victoria to attend one relevant Australian orthopaedic conference during their term.


Overall this fellowship provides a world class experience in all aspects of knee surgery with an excellent balance between clinical and research activities.